Terms of Use

Revised  10/30/2013: 15 rules   

  1. You may view/use/download/listen/share our services only if you are over the age of 18 and it is legal to view such material in your country, state or providence. 

  2. The images/videos/streams/sounds on this site are intended for individual use only. Any other use or reproduction, digital or conventional, without the expressed written consent of IINNOCENT ENTERTAINMENT is strictly prohibited. Violators will be pursued and prosecuted to the severest extent of the law.

  3. Visitors, paid members and manual added partners may share the images/videos/streams/sounds listed on IINNOCENT ENTERTAINMENT'S websites, with your friends and family (please be aware of term 1), by doing so you agree not to cut, change, crop, edit, or reword our images/videos/streams within our company.

  4. Partners of IINNOCENT ENTERTAINMENT may use any of the content found in the members directory to promote its websites, but by doing so you agree to place a linked banner or a return text link to one of our websites*, with or without your affliliate code.

  5. IINNOCENT ENTERTAINMENT has the right to deny any webmaster's Password Request to its members directory, via our Partnership Program.

  6. Usernames and Passwords, once found being used by multiple users, (sharing, submiting to sharing websites, etc..), IINNOCENT ENTERTAINMENT holds the right of immediate removal of any member/partner from its member directory list without a refund.

  7. Becoming an affiliate (reseller) does not reserve a guarantee password to the members section.

  8. For a password review to IINNOCENT ENTERTAINMENT'S members network, the affiliate website must send a minimum of 10 unique visitors daily to the website which was signup. Directing visitors by using our banners or a text link, with or without the referral code.

  9. After a password has been given: If no activity (traffic or transactions) is shown from a partner, their password may be suspended or deleted.

  10. An affiliate may be denied of a password renewal, if requirements are not met.

  11. IINNOCENT ENTERTAINMENT, has and will always reserve the right to add/delete/modify any content/pages/websites from its internet network, without advanced notice.

  12. Affiliates of IINNOCENT ENTERTAINMENT may receive emails of updated information, concerning its internet website.

  13. Affiliates cannot spam (unsolicited email) to promote its websites.

  14. When rules of the terms of use are not followed, IINNOCENT ENTERTAINMENT will either do the following; terminate, suspend, or/and block any accounts.


These rules are simple and easy to follow. If you have questions... GO TO SUPPORT