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 April 28

Michelle: Amateur BJ This cute Texan girl knew very well on how to suck good cock. She didn't hesitate one bit on my homie's brown rod, she grabbed it, closed her eyes and went right to work. Didn't bother in opening her eyes much!

 April 8

Michelle This fresh 21 year old hottie is only 5 foot tall. But her tits are an amazing 36C almost D cups! Totally new to this photography thing. Watch her tease us with her red bra, then see her get totally naked.

 April 20

Michelle: Hotel Nude After her quick truck interview, we took this little cute girl to a nearby hotel. We fondled her body then she slowly started to take her clothes off, piece by piece. We got a hard on just looking at her!

 April 18

Michelle: In The Truck This sampler video is the first video from busty Michelle. We met up at a near by center and I did a quick interview, then we headed to our destination... the hotel for a banging good fun!

 April 15

Michelle: Blowjob Busty Michelle was a tiny girl with a small mouth. She tried gagging on our dicks and couldn't do it. She then laid on her back and opened her legs wide open. Her small pussy was nice and warm, very enjoyable.

 April 12

Michelle: In Hotel Nude In these sets Michelle shows us her pussy and lets us grab her big as tits. This tiny little thing has some beautiful tender boobs. Jumpstart your day or night by enjoying her naked spread!

September 17:

Aurora: Phat Swallow Yep this Filipina took it deep throat and she then swallowed the phat load my brother jizzed on her tender pretty face! All crisp videos inside!

September 13:

Aurora: The Blowjob We loved that Oriental dress this bitch had on. So we decided to have her keep her outfit on while she polished my bro's dirty knob! She then swallowed a huge load and she loved every ounce of it!

September 6:

Aurora: Full Nude For all the guys that like curvaceous Asian girls... here is Aurora spreading her pussy with a smile. Very fun girl to be with and will do almost anything. So grab a bottle of beer or a glass of wine and enjoy her spread!

August 30:

Aurora: The Ride We had a blast talking to Aurora while in the truck. We were on our way to the pad and she flashed her pussy to the world. Once we got to the house we had to ask her some questions!

August 27:

NEW GIRL: Aurora Ivy  We met Aurora from a classified ad I placed on the internet. My homie and I picked her up and took her to my bro's pad. Before sucking him off. We had to check her body out, so she got naked.

November 8:

Destiny: Extras Found some good ol' extras of Destiny! Some pics of her posing outdoors and me grabbing her tender young boobies! Some of you will like this small set.

October 21:

Destiny: Fucking Driffter! Ok, Ok. We saved the best for last!, this 17 minute of crystal clear video, straight fucking. Then my homie Driffter shoots his jizz straight into her sweet juicy mouth, then she swallows!

October 15:

Lain: Cumms 3 Times Good girl Lain! She gave it all she got. She rod my homie's hard cock, then my friend humped her doggy and fucked her so good she got an orgasm 3 times on him. Just look at her, doesn't she look yummy!

October 12:

Destiny: Gagging Away Crytal clear video is awesome! She gaggs on my homie's big cock. Driffter enjoyed rubbing his dick against her small throat. Afterwards he fuckn' ate that juicy well shaven pussy pie!

October 10:

Destiny: XXX In these photos you will see her getting it inside her. She enjoys everything that goes inside. Look at her small pussy! Doesn't that look delicious to dive your dick in? Of course it does! so watch it get work!

October 8:

Lain: Sucks 9 incher She swallows a huge cock! Lain goes deep in. You will see her pussy and her ass get eaten out. She loved it when she got her anal licked and sucked! In return she gave my homie a 10 minute hummer!

October 5:

Destiny: Meeting Destiny This girl was bubbly and outgoing! She made our day when she visited us. You will see her firm juggs bouncing around and bending over to show that ass!

October 2:

Lain: We Meet We met Lain in front of our home and then took her to a cheap motel to get her fucked. We chatted to get to know her more and then we got there! So get to know her.

September 28:

Jade: Masturbating This 12 minute crystal clear video is fuckn' good! For you guys that fell in love with Jade, will jack off to her many times! Enjoy!

September 26:

Destiny St. Claire: Gettn' Nasty Those blue eyes of Destiny shined when she gave my homie some head. She licked and swallowed his cock! Check out these pics and get a load off!

September 24:

Jade: Struting Tits If you haven't gotten enough of Jade, here is more of her! She bounces her tits and caresses them. If you love this chick you will enjoy this awesome little video.

September 21:

Lain: Jizzed After an hour of fucking this blondie, my homie drops his load on Lain's tender face. Before jizzing on her, my buddy fucked her all different positions possible! He sure had fun with this one!

September 19:

Lain: Hardcore We took Lain to a near by cheap hotel and she gave my 9 incher friend a hardcore BJ. She took that shit all the way inside her throat and gagged on it! We got shocked when we saw that!

September 16:

Destiny St. Claire: All Nude After this young 20 year old teased you, now get to see her all naked and spreading her juicy pussy! She bends and sticks her bubbly but all over the camera! You gotta check this out!

September 15:

NEW GIRL: Destiny St. Claire   Its about time we have a hot exotic girl in our house! This chick has the sickest eyes and her fuckn' body is unbelieveable! She will amaze you with those tender tits and her well shaven pussy!

September 14:

Jade: Picks Me Up [video] I was stranded on the road, so I called Jade to pick me up. Then I told her some friends saw her around and wanted to see them tits! She agreed to show them off! So here she is.

September 13:

Jade: On the Floor Couldn't get enough of this busty girl! After seeing her pussy spread outside, we had to get her on our dirty floor. Among other 60 girls, she went ahead and also placed her mark! :)



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