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September 10:

Lain: Full Body You saw this cute 20 year old blonde teasing your eyes! Now you can see her in awesome pics. Naked bare skin! You will enjoy that face an her pussy spread!

September 5:

NEW GIRL: Lain (20)   Finally got this girl to knock our door for some fun time! She came from the L.A. to be with us. She has an amazing body and you will see every inch worked!

August 31:

Jade: Before the Beach Caught Jade before she left to the beach and told her to spread herself again. This time outdoors. She came out so fuckn' great, she made my pecker hard.

August 23:

Jade: Full Nude Once we brought this cutie inside, she couldn't resist to get naked and spread for Raul and friends! She got turned on by knowing my buddies were watching!

August 20:

NEW TEEN: Jade (19) We took this busty girl to my friends restaurant, and him and his buddies wanted to see her massive tits! So I promised, and here she is!

August 8:

Veronica: Banging Ok, lets gets this young thing to bang herself until she drips her juices to the floor! She does that and she does it so fuckn' well!

August 4:

NEW TEEN: Veronica Yes, this young thing will amaze you! She has the nicest tan and her pussy is so fuckn' tight. Veronica for sure was one of our favorites!

July 26:

Sage: Gets Pocked So my cousin gets to slide his dick into this cute teen's pussy and I get to film it. As you can see she gets creamed on her tender pretty face, check it out!

July 24:

Sage: Gets the Pecker Alright guys, sit back and enjoy this young Sage as she grinds the hard Latin cock! She pleased the hell out of my cousin, when he busted nuts!

July 21:

Sage: Blowing Away Damn! Ok you saw the photos, but you have to see the video! She gets her pussy eaten and then she swallows the damn cock! Look at this still, love the tongue work!

July 19:

Sage: The Meeting You saw her pics, now see the 11 minute video. We met up with her then she came to our pad, and she got totally naked for us. We enjoyed this shy piece of meat.

July 17:

Sage: I BLow After this shy girl got naked and spreaded her young pussy, she opened up for us. Her mouth worked it really well. My cousin enjoyed every inch of that warm thing.

July 8:

NEW TEEN: Sage (18 yr.) Oh yeah This young thing was a shy one. We met her in front of a liquor store and decided to come with us. We got her to take off her clothes and then my friend started playing with her.

June 28:

Courtney: Blowjob One This young cute chick was a hit. So we went ahead and brought her back to do a couple of BJ scenes (we just wanted to get our dicks wet!) :) So here she is again. Enjoy.

April 9:

Vicki: Amateur Sex Finally we got this busty girl to lay on her back and get fucked. She fucked so quietly, maybe she was nervous, anyways watch her swallow my dick with cum all over it!

April 3:

Vicki: Second Visit Vicki couldn't get enough of our camera! So she came back for seconds. This time she brought her pierced nipples. She smiled and enjoyed herself being naked.

March 31:

Vicki: Sucks Mexican Cock Remember when I said she was a bit shy? Well this young cutie sure knew how to handle a brown dick! She amazed everyone, with her talented mouth.

March 27:

Vicki: Welcome Video So you guys enjoyed watching her pics? Now see her in this video, I talk to her and ask her some questions about her sex craves, then see those juggs bounce!

March 24:

Vicki: Full Nude This bubbly teen was first shy to get naked, but now look at her smile! She got real happy when she comfortable with our set here in the studio. So now, see her spread herself!

March 22:

NEW TEEN: Vicki (18) Very shy girl that never done this before in her life! She was a little nervous, but with the right words she became real comfortable. She opened up with me!.

March 3:

Stacy: Late X-Mas Everybody wanted Stacy back. So we did, this time she dressed up as Santa's little helper! She's so adorable, just imagine fucking the shit out of her in that red suit!

February 27:

Nikki: Second BJ So we caught Nikki sucking my buddy's cock again, and we decided to show that to you guys. Here she is after he came all over her soft young skin.

February 25:

Ginger: Getting Fucked Video So you saw Ginger fucking on photo sets. Now get to see this cutie get it on film video! She shook those tits and bounced off my bro's dick good that she made everyone here cum in their pants!

February 21:

Ginger: Pussy Fuck So now we get to see this Ginger girl take some cock inside her! Yes she grinded that shit like no other! Just look at her staring at the brown stick! She loved getting it up in her small koochy!

February 19:

Ginger: Sucking Some Ah yeah! Watch this cutie suck some! She gets her throat grinded and her teet whitened. She sucked so damn good, especially them balls! She liked every inch of my bros cock!

February 17:

Ginger: Meet Ginger Video Meet ginger, she talks about her life and then she gets naked for us. She jumps up and down, shaking them tits. She told us she once had sex with a 35 yr. man when she was 17. One of her stories.

February 13:

Ginger: Full Nude This cute girl with auburn hair looked so fuckn' good all naked! Her nice small round ass was smooth as silk. Very impressive for being her age and for liking orgies, she is kinda shy. I know you like this one, so come on!

February 12:

NEW GIRL: Ginger (22) So we got this new place to do all of our dirty work. The first girl to hit this place is a 22 year old chick who enjoys having orgies. So first lets get her naked and then the good fun shall begin.

February 2:

Linda: Grinding the 9 incher Yess! Linda did that so well! She fucked my homie's 9 inch dick and then she rode and grinded it. She wanted cum so badly she basically begged for this scene. We loved this young chick!

January 29:

Linda: Swallows Head Very good girl swallowed so nice! Linda didn't enjoy sucking cock, but hey we're here for you guys not her! So she went ahead and tried her best, a couple times she gave me some dirty looks, but its cool!

January 26:

Linda: Gets Cock Watch this young teen get a 9 inch cock in her tight mouth. Then see her get her pussy stuffed with this my homie's big white cock. You will love her juicy face get creamed!

January 24:

Linda: Meet Linda Yes meet this 19 year old on video and then watch her get totally naked and bounce her tits! This young thing was a cute and had a banging body! Can't wait to bring her back so she can sLuck and fuck!

January 23:

Linda: Full Nude You will have fun with this young body of Linda! She has small tits, but her face is just amazing! Just the right smile to jerk off too! A real teenager taking it all off in front our famous camera!

January 22:

Deserae: Fucks a 9 incher Deserae takes my homie's 9 inch dick very deep inside her. While she fucked my homie, she swallowed my dick in her mouth. Afterwards her pussy got filled with hot juicey cum!

January 18:


NEW TEEN: Linda (19) Meet Linda, she is 19 and has the ripest body. Her bod looks so young, you just wanna cum inside her all night long! Look at that innocence, you will have fun watching her smile and spreading her legs.

January 16:

Deserae: Hard Blow Video See her gag, swallow, and fuck the brown brother's dick! She loved having that shit stuffed inside her small cute mouth. I drained alot of dick juice down her tight throat!

January 14:

Deserae: Gets Fucked My homie gives Deserae what she wanted, a fat cock in her mouth. Afterwards he inserts that big thing into her small tiny pussy! She loved every inch of that 9 incher! Just watch her take it!

January 12:

Deserae: Naked Video See her smile and have a good time with us. You will notice that she is very young and shy, but once told to take her clothes off, she didn't hesitate! She also shakes her tender tits up and down.

January 10:

Deserae: Full Nude Ah yeah, you will see what I mean when I mentioned about her small pussy. It is one of the smallest ones you ever seen! We had fun touching it and then screwing and stretching it wide!

January 8:

NEW TEEN: Deserae (19) Meet Deserae, she is only 19 and never done this before. I'll tell you this, she has the ripest young tits and the smallest tightest pussy! You will jerk off to this young thing many times! She loved it!

January 6:

Amber Grey: Fucking Around Yeah fucking around is what this video is all about. She bounced her tits over my homies dick and then she got cum from his condom drip all over her young face!

January 3:

Amber Grey: Blows Me Video Watch this young honey take the brown cock and gagg on it! She fuckn' throws up on this session. We made her eyes cry a river! She sure did love it though! He He He!.

January 1, 2004:

Amber Grey: Interview Video So this girl loves sex, she will also talk about the oldest guy she gave a handjob to and you will be amazed of when she lost her virginity!. Her giggles are like a little girl!


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