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Updates for 2002

December 30.

Maribel ... Underwear
Can't get enough of this beauty! We catch her on the bed with her underwear. We tell her to spread her tender body, just waiting for that big dick!

December 28.

Dawn ... Sweet Hello 2
We finish Dawn's intro by showing you her full spread! Her sweet pink pussy and her tender tits are just awesome! She will make you cum 3 or 4 times!

December 25.

Dawn ... Christmas Spread
Merry Christmas 2002! We bring you our most recent teenager spreading her clit in the bedroom! Nice and shaved and oh ... so clean and ready for your cum.

December 24.

Maribel ... Nightgown
She liked struting her body in this nightgown stuff. She felt real sexy and horny! She can't wait for dick!

December 23.

*NEW TEEN* ... Dawn!
Watching this new teenager was GREAT! Shit ... wouldn't you like watching this young teen getting naked at your house? Fuck Ya! this honey is the shit!

December 21.

*NEW GIRL* ... Maribel!
This fresh piece of meat came to us wanting to spread her tender puss on our website! Since we are such nice people, we let her jump on the bed!

December 20.

Nikki ... First Fuck!
This is Nikki's very first fuck on this Porn Shit! Before this she would only pose nude for others and work at a Sandwich shop; but now all you crazy perverts get to see this young hottie get dick on camera!

December 18.

*NEW TEEN* ... Nikki!
19 yr. old Nikki! For all those chocolate lovers out there, you have to check this young slut! She got so amazed of what we can do for her; she started simple but ended confused!

December 13.

Irene ... Cock Hungry!
She couldn't resist! she had to have cock that same day! Fuck man; where have all the young virgins gone? even the innocent ones are little devils! Guess that's where we come in!

December 13.

Michelle ... Black Coat
We love Michelle just posing and showing those huge juggs of hers! Can't get enough of those sexy eyes! I love her!

December 9.

Michelle ... Bed Tease
She teases us with her big juggs! She squeezes them together and look like their going to burst! That light chocolate skin of hers just makes everything perfect!

December 7.

Irene ... Pussy Trim
We had to get this innocent bush a shave! Irene gladly agreed and started to trim that shit down, and then she shaved it all off. I always liked those virgin pussies shaved!

December 4.

*NEW TEEN* ... Michelle!
This amazing hot chick is fuckn' exotic! She is mixed black/white and those blue eyes knocked both of us out with a hard on! You guys will definitely cum! TWICE!

December 3.

Irene ... Showers
For all you shower freaks ... We continue our set with Irene taking a shower. We love this young cutie (especially those big  juggs of hers!)

December 1.

*NEW TEEN* ... Irene!
This teenager is a cutie! She got a big rack and a fresh clean face! We had an awesome time getting to know Irene. She looks like my 15 year old girlfriend, back in the good ol' days, (high school).

November 29.

Jasmine ... Full Blow!
After getting ready, my buddy get his cock out and she starts lubing that motherfucker! This lucky bastard loved every minute of it! A chick like Jasmine, who wouldn't.

November 25.

Courtney ... Dildo Tease
We couldn't resist! She was already here, so we had to get another set of our little girl Courtney! She had her purple dildo and she just started playing with it!

November 22.

Jasmine ... Getting Ready
One of our most requested girls is back. We go back to our rich friend and he gets a blowjob again! Lucky bastard! Anyways, these photos are awesome, and you will definitely cum!

November 18.

Courtney ... New Blow!
  Our baby Courtney is BACK! We take our young girl to our rich friend, in Del Mar; and have her suck a big white dick! We just love what this girl does for us!

November 14.

Emily ... Extra Photos
These extra pics of Emily are cool. We flick her off and sucks a couple of fingers! If you liked her, you will also like these photos.

November 12.

Emily ... Floor Spread
Found more photos of young Emily. In this series she opens up like a little slut. See her pink pussy as she spreads all over the floor!

November 5.

Sonia ... Welcome Neighbor (xxx vid)
We get Sonia to make a first time XXX video of her, with my bro! She was a little shy at first, but we make her get naughty with a cock in her mouth and jiz all over her!

October 29.

Sonia ... XXX Surprise!
Hot neighbor girl gets naughty with my bro! These Brazilian chicks love to suck cock and better yet, they love to fuck! She got an awesome tan-line also! She's HOT!

October 26.

*NEW GIRL* ... Sonia!
21 year old Brazilian moved next door! (don't speak english) What do we do??? Be a good neighbor with sugar? FUCK THAT! I convince her to chill with us at our pad, and we snake in with the PORN! oops!

October 8.

Britney, Ashley, Natasha ... New Vid. Formats
We start expanding our video formats with these young chicks. You will now be able to access our videos with MS Media Player, Real Player, and Quicktime.

October 6.

Senecea ... Garage Double Fuck (video)
We take this young black chick to our filthy garage! We get our white boy neighbor Phil and my bro. to fuck the living shit out of her! 2 dicks on her is the best thing, especially on our first chocolate teenager!

October 1.

Senecea ... What up! (video)
We bring you this young black thing to life! you will see her get teased and her laughing and giggling. Her tits hang so good!

September 30.

Senecea ... Fucks the Neighbor
We always wanted to see a black teenager get fucked by a white dude! and guess what, we get our fucken wish! This young 18 year old gets crazy with our neighbor Phil.

September 25.

Senecea ... Bedroom Pics
Smooth black skin with fresh white sheets. Her spreading her pink stuff was awesome, very horny girl this one was! Anyways another great set by another teen.

September 21.

Senecea ... Second Set
This young black beauty finally shows us her tender tits and pussy! Her face is you innocent looking that you just want to fuck her brains out!

September 18.

Ashley ... Afterfuck Shower (video)
After fucking my filthy bro., Ashley had to hit the shower! I follow her and tape the whole thing. She rubs her clit like she hasn't gotten enough action already. Anyways you will like this vid!

September 17.

Erika ... Showers (video)
After going out to a local bar in Cardiff, Erika spent the night at our house. We wake her ass up and tell her to shower. While she showers, we tape her getting wet and wild. We love that wet hair shit!

September 14.

*NEW TEEN* ... Senecea!
Do you guys like black teens? 'cause we got this fresh young (just turned 18 two months ago!) chocolate love! This shy little thing was hard to get started, but after our smooth talk, she took it all off!

September 11.

Ashley ... Hardcore Fuck (video)
Let us all not forget about last year's tragedy! DUMB MOTHERFUCKS WILL PAY! So we can make the enemy jealous with our American girls ... here we have Ashley with an all time fuck! Only in America you have the freedom for this stuff! So lets all NOT FORGET & PROTECT IT!

September 7.

Ashley ... First Video
Bringing this young one to life was great! Hear her innocence and soft voice go right to your head. That small and cute body of hers just made me want to jizz all over her!

September 3.

Natasha ... Plays with Erika (video)
2 hot chicks going at it! Everyone loved this big busty Natasha, and everyone enjoyed the hot blonde Erika! So we got them together and bang! Watch them eat, play, and fondle each other!

September 2.

Ashley ... Fucks Bro!
Ahh.. this young 19 year old, half black and white, gave my brother a nice blow, then a great fuck! You will like watching this hot teenager get her lips around a cock and her pussy getting banged!

August 31.

Natasha ... Plays with Erika
 Watching these 2 chicks go at it made our dicks fuckn' hard! They both ate each other and bang one another! We also had fun touching those 2 pairs of big tits. What a fuckn' life! I love it! (Dropping you another big set of 134 photos!)

August 29.

Erika ... Masturbating (video)
This hot blonde chick gets off by me looking at her and recording her! Great tits and a pink pussy to go with that golden hair, fuck I got hard! Anyways you dirty pigs will drop some heavy loads after this vid!

August 27.

Ashley ... More Body
Everyone wanted the rest of the set of Ashley. So here it is! These sets are in larger photo format, which we will start doing from now on.

August 23.

Natasha ... Outside
If you had a girl like Natasha in your house what would you do? I know, try to get her naked as much possible? of course! Check her spreading and  showing her pink stuff, outdoors!

August 21.

Emily ... Out Nude
We love young girls in their bikinis. So before this hottie went to the beach we told her to get naked for us with her straps.

August 17.

Britney ... XXX Remake (video)
We retouched this awesome classic of Britney giving blowjobs and then from the camera from behind you can see her getting fucked, with her legs up high. Everyone has been waiting for this hot vid!

August 16.

Natasha ... On the Bed
I must say, this fine girl has the best boobs out there! Her lying on the bed made my cock fucken hard! There not just big tits but also very tender, not saggy!

August 14

Ashley ... Inside 2
Ashley in full nude. You will see her juicy pussy and her firm tits. Watch her spread her legs and just waits for you.

August 13.

Joy ... Banging Carmen (video)
This 30 minute video shows all kind of tongue, fingering, dildo shoving, 69, and lots more! Watching this 36DD chick getting worked, made me fucking hard!

August 9.

Natasha ... Walks In 2
Natasha in her full nude. Here you will see that her tits are all like I was saying. This young 20 year old chick was fun to have in the house.

August 7.

Carmen ... Banging (video)
This crazy eye teenager loved getting her pussy touched! Especially by 2 fucken strangers! (which is me and my buddy) This chick has a great pack. Just look at her waist!

August 6.

Emily ... Finger Banging (video)
My homie wanted to fucken touch this young thing! so as all ways we connect our friends with these special girls. This guy had a blast touching her young tender pussy. he..he..he..

August 4.

Natasha ... Showing Off (vid)
This big busty young girl has the fucken best bod! In the video you will see how we hesitated to bring her in. But once she came in, our girlfriend ERIKA fell in love with her! So we had to get her naked for our friend!

August 1.

*NEW TEEN* ... Ashley!
Another young teenager takes her clothes off! This girl is a mix of black and white so we had to fuck this innocent 19 year old! You will love her sets! I know I did!




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