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Updates for 2001


December 30, 2001

Anabel... Auto Masturbation Video
  Our last video for 2001 is Anabel! She pictures your dick inside of her and starts to rub her young clit! Her moaning and movements are a pleasure to hear and watch.

December 27, 2001

***New Girl: Jessica... Hello
  Another innocent young girl gets naked on our couch! This one has an awesome pussy, all shaven and small... ready to get fucked. Trust me you will agree with me when you see her spread.

December 26, 2001

Anabel... Christmas Bed 2
  Anabel's final shoot with us for 2001 is in this set. She shows us her pretty face and her spread. Everyone enjoy.

December 23, 2001

Anabel... Auto Shoot


We take her out to our truck and decide her to show us her clit again! We wanted to see her in different lighting, and of course she turned out great!

December 22, 2001

Anabel... Dildo Action Video
  She returns with a dildo in her hand and begs us to shove that thing up her puss! This thing is to wide for her, she said it felt like it was her first time! When she was in doggie position, she said that it felt like it is was going to come up her throat! (damn virgins!)

December 20, 2001

Lauren... Backstage Packing


We talk to Lauren and while she does that she starts packing her shit. Gives us one last spread.

December 19, 2001

Anabel... Christmas Bed


Because its Christmas we went ahead and got her into the spirit. With a little santa hat she looks like santa's little sex slave. She spreads herself wide!

December 15, 2001

Anabel... Finger Flickin


Anabel finishes her "Home for December" set. She spreads her pussy open and then fingers us! Her smile is great and makes you just want to fuck her all night long! Oh, she also get wet while we do her shoot.

December 14, 2001

Amateur Plugin Content Added
  We now have added more girls to our members directory by adding AmateurPlugin's Models to our members area. With over 100 models, you will not get bored!

December 13, 2001

Anabel... Returns Video
  Here is a little preview of Anabel in the bedroom. She talks more about herself and lets you see how she changed through out the year.

December 11, 2001

Lauren... Dildo Fuck Video
  In this video Lauren gets nasty with her big ass dido! She moans as it goes in her tight puss, she puts the huge knob in her mouth while it stretches her sweet little mouth! We get up-close so you can see every drop.

December 9, 2001

Crystal... Fuck/Facial Video
  Innocent little Crystal get rammed then she gets squirted with hot cum all over her face! A great quality video that I know you will enjoy.

December 7, 2001

Anabel... Home for December


YES! All you sick fucks who wanted to see this young thing again, here she is! We will start you with a simple shoot. See her how she has changed. She will be doing some awesome videos! so members don't miss her vids.

December 5, 2001

Lauren... Misc. Pics
  Well as you may have noticed, we upload all content we shoot. We have some photos that you may want to check out. Just a little extra of Lauren.

December 3, 2001

Lauren... Dildo Fuck Photos
  She takes a BIG and THICK dildo! It goes in her shaved puss, and tries to get it inside her sweet little mouth. You will love her face expressions and you can't miss the close ups.

December 2, 2001

Lauren... On the Floor Pics
  She goes to the floor and starts showing her spread. She poses as if she was getting fucked! Her blonde hair goes everywhere, a turn on for everyone.

November 29, 2001

Crystal... Blow/Fuck Video
  We go ahead and show Crystal Fans how she can get down and dirty! First she finishes her blowjob, and then she starts to fuck a dick! This teenager is so tight that sitting on a dick is to much for her.

November 27, 2001

Lauren... Nude Interview Video
  A continuation from the sample vid. This time she gets totally naked. As she lies on the, she shows her large tits and spreads herself for you.

November 26, 2001

Lauren... Sample Video
  Just a little taste for the Non-Members! But for the Members... we will show you Lauren's body totally nude in Lauren's homepage, on Nov. 27! (tomorrow). She shows everything live on video!

November 24, 2001

Lauren... Spread Set
  Ok, this time Lauren is all naked and ready for you to pump her ass! she lies on the floor and gives us nice poses, just like if you would be fucking her! She spreads her cheeks and lips open.

November 22. Crystal... First Blowjob Video

November 21. Mahina & Crystal... Sample Vids

November 20. Lauren... Warm Welcome Cont.

November 17. Lauren... Warm Welcome

November 14. Crystal... Hotel Blow

November 11. Crystal... Dildo Act

November 8. Crystal... Hotel Scene

November 6. Mahina... Girl/Girl Shower Video

November 4. Mahina... Misc. Photos

November 2. Mahina... Masturbation Video

 October 30. Chrissy... Girl/Girl Video

 October 27. Chrissy... Girl/Girl Photos

 October 25. Mahina... Bedroom Series

 October 23. Chrissy... Returns Video

 October 21. Mahina... Nude Interview Video

 October 19. Mahina... Bookshelf Spread

 October 15. Chrissy Returns... In the Dark

 October 13. Crystal... Masturbation Stills

 October 11. Mahina... Welcome II

 October 8. New Teen... Mahina : 19 : 36B

 October 3. Crystal... Masturbation Video

 October 1. Crystal... Cool Shirt

 October 1. Crystal... Nude Interview Video

 September 26. Crystal... Bedroom Set

 September 26. Crystal... Intro 2

 September 19. New Teen... Crystal : 19 : 34C

 September 5. Lizzie ... Misc. Pics

 August 21. Lizzie ... Masturbation Vid.

 August 19. Morgan ... Compilation Vid.

 August 14. Lizzie ... Pink Dildo

 August 11. Lizzie ... Outdoor Fun

 August 9. Lizzie ... Video Interview 1

 August 7. Lizzie ... Me Again!

 August 2. New Girl ... Lizzie : 20 : 36C

 August 1. Britney ... Up Close

 July 16. Chrissy ... Masturbation

 July 1. Chrissy ... Workout

 June 28. Morgan ... Interview Video

 June 20. Anabel ... Hotel Spread 2

 June 14. Morgan ... Directions Video

 June 7. Anabel ... Hotel Spread

 June 3. Anabel ... At the Beach

 May 31. Summer ... Misc. Photos

 May 16. Chrissy ... 89 New Photos

 May 8. Anabel ... Living Room Set

 April 29. Anabel ... 58 New Photos

 April 19. Britney ... The Beach Set 

 April 18. Anabel ... Bedroom Set 

 April 11. Chrissy ... 64 New Photos

 March 30. Anabel ... The Woods Set

 March 23. Chrissy ... New Teen

 March 15. Anabel ... Stretching Set

 March 8. Summer ...  Strip Dance Video

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